You can be the reason koalas like Pumpkin survive. 

When koala mum Lilly was crossing the road for food she was hit by a car, but this unfortunate accident turned into a life saving feat so she could save her joey Pumpkin. 

Without you Lilly would not have been able to care for little Pumpkin and give him the chance at a great life.  

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A gift of $75 can help with surgery costs, for koalas and other wildlife. 

Koalas are disappearing, and disappearing fast. Car strikes, dog attacks and other injuries can mean urgent and life-saving surgery for precious koalas. 

Without your support we could not give koalas a second chance to live a great life. 

With $50 you can cover the cost of rescuing and transporting injured koalas.

For Lilly and little Pumpkin they would not have survived without the three hour round trip made to rescue them

Without you, we could not be on the roads each day rescuing unfortunate koalas from terrible situations. 

Just $25 can cover the cost of sourcing fresh leaves for food. 

Koalas in care at RSPCA Queensland receive fresh leaf everyday for food but finding the right leaf for the right koala can be tricky. 

With your support we can ensure that koalas in care receive the best leaf possible to help them recover and be released back into the wild.